Additional Hold Amount for Weighted Item Adjustments (See Product Description For Details)


We automatically add an "Additional Hold Amount" to your total bill so that you are charged the actual amount for the weighted products, such as produce, fruits, meats, and seafood. You are guaranteed the same price per pound as our in-store pricing for our weighted products. However, the total order value on the site per product is an ESTIMATED PRICING only. The actual...

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How long will my delivery take?

If you order by 3:30pm, you will receive the order by 8pm same day. Any orders received after 3:30pm will be delivered the following day by 8pm.

Can I make special requests with my order?

Yes, after you add items to the shopping cart, you can leave the message in the field under "Special instructions for seller" in the shopping cart. We will do our best to meet all special instructions, but cannot guarantee all requests will be fulfilled.

Do I need to be there for the delivery?

No. Your automated text and an email alert will notify you in advance of when your delivery will happen. Our delivery driver will attempt to meet you in person for delivery, but has a tight delivery schedule to maintain. If no one is there to pick up the order in person, the driver will generally leave the items by the door or by the front desk.